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Illness & Recovery

Illness & Recovery

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Aristopet Styptic Powder for Dogs & Cats

Active Constituent/s: 100mg/g alum, 100mg/g ferric subsulphate, 630mg/g zinc sulfate (as hydrat..

AU$12.65 Ex Tax: AU$12.65

Direa Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Tablets contain: CROSPOVIDONE 1000mgWhen can Direa Tablets be Used? Direa tablets can be used i..

AU$12.20 Ex Tax: AU$12.20

Natural Animal Solutions RespraEze 100mL

A nutraceutical grade formulation to assist respiratory discomfort. Containing highly active laborat..

AU$31.90 Ex Tax: AU$31.90

Nutrigel 200gms

High Energy Vitamin ConcentrateA palatable high calorie dietary supplement for use in dogs and c..

AU$16.50 Ex Tax: AU$16.50

Lovebites Liverpro Meal topper 50gms

Active Constituents: Silymarin (milk thistle extract), stabilised vitamin C, amino acids (lysin..

AU$24.00 Ex Tax: AU$24.00

Lovebites Synbiotic Topper 50gms

Active Constituents: Probiotics: (180 million CFU/g) Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.casei, L..

AU$17.00 Ex Tax: AU$17.00

A range of products to help your pet recover from recent illness, surgery or stress.

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