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Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support

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Canine Tranquil Formula 120 Tablets

Helps Maintain Emotional Balance in Dogs - 120 flavoured chewsMany dogs become fearful and anxio..

AU$26.00 Ex Tax: AU$26.00

D.A.P Dog Aappeasing Pheremone refill

DAP reduces or prevents stress related behavior. How is D.A.P. used? an easy-to-u..

AU$38.90 Ex Tax: AU$38.90

D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheremone Diffuser & Refill for 240 volts

DAP reduces or prevents stress related behavior. How is D.A.P. used? D.A.P. is an easy-to-..

AU$70.00 Ex Tax: AU$70.00

Fido's Chew Stop 200mL

Active constituents: 200 mg/L Denatonium BenzoateBitter spray to discourage undesirable chewing ..

AU$10.70 Ex Tax: AU$10.70

Homeopet Anxiety 15mL

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective natural medicines, used with humans for centuries and now..

AU$27.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.00

HomeoPet Leaks No More 15mL

Leaks No More promotes normal urinary functionHomeoPet Leaks No More has been formulated by vete..

AU$24.50 Ex Tax: AU$24.50

Natural Animal Solutions Calm Tablets

Natural Animal Solutions Calm Tablets. An aid in preventing or alleviating fear in petsActive Co..

AU$22.00 Ex Tax: AU$22.00

Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze 100mL

Ingredients: Ginger, withania, chamomile.An optimal strength formulation to assist your pet whil..

AU$32.00 Ex Tax: AU$32.00

PAW Cosequin DS 60 Capsules

Active Ingredients: Each 1g two piece veggie capsule contains: 500mg Glucosamine Hydrochloride,..

AU$39.90 Ex Tax: AU$39.90

Calming Paste 30gms

Calming Paste by Value Plus is a nutritional supplement for horses and dogs containing the unique co..

AU$15.50 Ex Tax: AU$15.50

Homeopet Storm Stress Pro for Dogs

For Dogs 15mL May aid in providing relief from storm stress for dogsIs your cat or..

AU$29.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.00

Lovebites B-Calm Chews 20 Chews

Active Constituents: L-tryptophan (125mg/2.5g chew), B Vitamin (thiamine 1mg/2.5g chew), kangar..

AU$17.90 Ex Tax: AU$17.90

Prestige Wire Dog Muzzle New

Prestige Wire Dog Muzzle

wire muzzles to fit practically any breed. From the largest to the smallest dog. 4 1/2" X 4 1/4" X 5..

AU$29.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.00

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