MultiGard Plus

MultiGard Plus

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MultiGard Plus Sml

Active Constituents: each tablet contains112.5mg Oxibendazole - Intestinal worm control..

AU$55.00 Ex Tax: AU$55.00

MultiGard Plus Med

Active Constituents: each tablet contains225mg Oxibendazole - Intestinal worm control10..

AU$59.40 Ex Tax: AU$59.40

MultiGard Plus Lge 20kg (44lbs)

Active Constituents: each tablet contains450mg Oxibendazole - Intestinal worm control20..

AU$11.30 Ex Tax: AU$11.30

MultiGard Plus EX Large 40kg (88lbs)

Active Constituents: each tablet contains900mg Oxibendazole - Intestinal worm control40..

AU$13.30 Ex Tax: AU$13.30

Multigard Plus is a monthly tablet for the control of flea's, heartworm and all intestinal worms.

Available in 4 sizes, an all in one prevention for dogs of all sizes.

A great alternative to the expensive brand name products.

Monthly tablet for the prevention of fleas, heartworm and all intestinal worms

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