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Nexgard/Nexgard Spectra

Nexgard/Nexgard Spectra

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Nexgard Spectra Orange Extra Small Dog

Active Constituents: 9.4mg Afoxolaner and 1.9 mg Milbemycin OximeExtra Small Dogs 2-3.5kgs ( 4.4..

AU$52.30 Ex Tax: AU$52.30

Nexgard Spectra Yellow Small Dog

Active Constituents: 18.8mg Afoxolaner and 3.8 mg Milbemycin OximeSmall Dogs 3.6-7.5kgs (7.9-16...

AU$56.60 Ex Tax: AU$56.60

Nexgard Spectra Green Medium Dog

Active Constituents: 37.5 mg Afoxolaner and 7.5 mg Milbemycin OximeMedium Dogs 7.6-15kgs (16.5-3..

AU$58.90 Ex Tax: AU$58.90

Nexgard Spectra Purple Large Dog

Active Constituents: 75 mg Afoxolaner and 15 mg Milbemycin OximeLarge Dogs 15-30kg (33-66lbs) ..

AU$65.00 Ex Tax: AU$65.00

Nexgard Spectra Red Extra Large Dog

Active Constituents: 150 mg Afoxolaner and 30 mg Milbemycin OximeExtra Large Dogs 30.1-60kg..

AU$66.20 Ex Tax: AU$66.20

Nexgard Orange Extra Small Dog

Active Constituents: 11.3mg AfoxolanerVery Small Dogs 2-4kg ( 2.2 - 8.8 lb )Expiry: 6, 12 Pa..

AU$44.00 Ex Tax: AU$44.00

Nexgard Blue Small Dog

Active Constituents: 28.3mg AfoxolanerSmall Dogs 4.1-10kg ( 9 - 22 lb )Expiry – October 2022..

AU$46.20 Ex Tax: AU$46.20

Nexgard Green Medium Dog

Active Constituents: 68mg AfoxolanerMedium Dogs 10.1-25kg ( 22 - 55 lb )Expiry – January 202..

AU$48.40 Ex Tax: AU$48.40

Nexgard Red Large Dog

Active Constituents: 136mg AfoxolanerLarge Dogs 25.1-50kg ( 55 - 110 lb )Expiry – 12 Pack Ma..

AU$50.70 Ex Tax: AU$50.70

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