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Queening Supplies

Queening Supplies

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Animalac 250gm

A milk substitute for dogs and cats. Animalac is a carefully balanced blend of proteins, fats, carbo..

AU$17.35 Ex Tax: AU$17.35

Lectade 64gm Sachets

Lectade Sachets when reconstituted as directed provide an oral rehydration therapy containing a bala..

AU$9.20 Ex Tax: AU$9.20

Lectade Liquid Concentrate 250mL (8.5 fl oz)

Active Constituents per Litre: Glucose 278.75 g, Sodium Chloride 53.44 g, Glycine 38.56 g, Citr..

AU$35.00 Ex Tax: AU$35.00

Nutripet 200gms

High Energy Vitamin ConcentrateA palatable high calorie dietary supplement for use in dogs and c..

AU$17.30 Ex Tax: AU$17.30


Active Ingredients: Contains a blend of 7 species of live (freeze dried) microbes that help improve ..

AU$16.00 Ex Tax: AU$16.00

Protexin Liquid Blue

Protexin Liquid (Blue Lable) is an oil based formula containing 180 million CFU/mlProtexin is th..

AU$49.00 Ex Tax: AU$49.00

Protexin Pronature Powder Green

Protexin is the most advanced multi - strain Probiotic in the world today. Unlike many other Probio..

AU$37.00 Ex Tax: AU$37.00

Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer

A nutritionally balanced milk substitute for kittens of all breeds. Use for orphaned kittens or when..

AU$34.95 Ex Tax: AU$34.95

Wombaroo Feeding Bottle 120mls

All wombaroo teats fit this bottle ..

AU$2.10 Ex Tax: AU$2.10

A range of whelping / queening  supplies for the new born kittens.

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