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Simparica/Simparica Trio

Simparica/Simparica Trio

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Simparica Yellow Puppy

Active Constituents: 5mg Sarolaner. Expiry May 2022 Puppy 1.3-2.5kg ( 2.8-5.5 lb ) Keep ..

AU$35.40 Ex Tax: AU$35.40

Simparica Purple Extra Small

Active Constituents: 10mg Sarolaner Expiry – September 2023 Extra Small Dog 2.6-5kg (5.6- 11lb..

AU$35.90 Ex Tax: AU$35.90

Simparica Orange Small

Active Constituents: 20mg Sarolaner Small Dog 5.1-10kg (11-22lb)  Expiry: 6 & 12 Pack..

AU$43.20 Ex Tax: AU$43.20

Simparica Blue Medium

Active Constituents: 40.0mg Sarolaner Medium Dogs 10.1- 20kg (22-44lb)  Expiry: 6 & 1..

AU$43.90 Ex Tax: AU$43.90

Simparica Green Large

Active Constituents: 80.0mg Sarolaner Large Dogs 20.1- 40kg (44-88lb)  Expiry: 6 Pack Jul..

AU$47.10 Ex Tax: AU$47.10

Simparica Red Extra Large

Active Constituents: 120.0mg Sarolaner Extra Large Dog 40.1- 60kg (88-132lb) Expiry: 6 & 1..

AU$49.80 Ex Tax: AU$49.80

Simparica Trio 1.3-2.5kg (2.8-5.5 lb) Yellow

Active Constituents: 12.5mg pyrantel, 3mg sarolaner,0.06mg moxidectin Expiry – February 2023 T..

AU$45.00 Ex Tax: AU$45.00

Simparica Trio 2.5 - 5kg (5.5-11 lb) Purple

Active Constituents: 25mg pyrantel, 6mg sarolaner,0.12mg moxidectin Expiry – July 2023 Treats ..

AU$45.50 Ex Tax: AU$45.50

Simparica Trio 5.1-10kg (11-22 lb) Orange

Active Constituents: 50mg pyrantel, 12mg sarolaner,0.24mg moxidectin Expiry – January 2023 ..

AU$54.00 Ex Tax: AU$54.00

Simparica Trio 10.1-20kg (22-44 lb) Blue

Active Constituents: 100mg pyrantel, 24mg sarolaner,0.48mg moxidectin Expiry – December 2022..

AU$56.00 Ex Tax: AU$56.00

Simparica Trio 20.1-40kg (44-88 lb) Green

Active Constituents: 200mg pyrantel, 48mg sarolaner,0.96mg moxidectin Expiry – February 2023 T..

AU$58.00 Ex Tax: AU$58.00

Simparica Trio 40.1-60kg (88-132 lb) Red

Active Constituents: 300mg pyrantel, 72mg sarolaner,1.44mg moxidectin Expiry – May 2023 T..

AU$60.00 Ex Tax: AU$60.00

Simparica is a tasty monthly chew that is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age and as little as 1.25kg in weight. Whether your dog is small or large, Simparica shuts out flea infestations and deadly ticks FAST whilst also treating and controlling mange and mites.

Simparica kills fleas FAST:

  • Kills 100% of fleas in 8 hours after treatment
  • Perfect choice for itchy dogs
  • Simparica kills paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks and bush ticks fast:
  • Reducing risk of disease or paralysis
  • Kills three key Australian ticks including the deadly paralysis tick
  • Simparica treats and controls mange and mites:
  • Cleans up mange and mites which can cause infections
  • Simparica is available in both 3 month packs and 6 month packs and unlike some other chews, can be given with or without food
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