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Equest Plus Tape Horse Wormer

Active Constituents: 20mg/g Moxidectin, Praziquantel 125mg/g 1 tube sufficient to treat a horse of ..

AU$20.80 Ex Tax: AU$20.80


GETS WORMING RIGHT FROM THE START! Each 23.1ml syringe contains 9.0g Pyrantel Embonate, 1.0g Praz..

AU$23.30 Ex Tax: AU$23.30

Equimax horse wormer 37.8g (1.13 ounce)

Active Constituents: 3.7mg/g Abamectin, 46.2mg/g Praziquantel. Expiry: February 2022 Syri..

AU$19.00 Ex Tax: AU$19.00

Equimax LV oral paste for horses 7.49g (0.26 ounce)

Active Constituents:18.7mg/g Ivermectin, 140mg/g Praziquantel NOW TREATS HORSES 700KG Expiry: ..

AU$23.70 Ex Tax: AU$23.70

Equimec Plus Tape

Active Constituents: 8mg/g Ivermectin and 100mg/g Praziquantel Expiry: January 2023 For genera..

AU$16.50 Ex Tax: AU$16.50

Eraquell Pellets Palatable Wormer for Horses Out Of Stock

Eraquell Pellets Palatable Wormer for Horses

Each 25g sachet contains 100 mg Ivermectin will treat a horse up to 500kg. Up to 100% effective a..

AU$28.00 Ex Tax: AU$28.00

Promectin PLUS allwormer

Contains abamectin and praziquantel. Expiry: November 2022 Will control all worms (including ..

AU$18.60 Ex Tax: AU$18.60

Strategy-T by Virbac 30mL tube

STRATEGY-T is a combination of two worming compounds, Oxfendazole and Pyrantel, that act synergistic..

AU$21.90 Ex Tax: AU$21.90

Ultramax Equine Liquid

Active Constituents: 75 mg/mL PRAZIQUANTEL , 10 mg/mL IVERMECTIN Ultramax Equine Liquid. Tapeworm..

AU$85.00 Ex Tax: AU$85.00

Valumax paste

Valumax (previously Promectin Plus red tube) horse wormer gives effective treatment against internal..

AU$15.60 Ex Tax: AU$15.60

Applemax Gold 120mL (4.08 fl oz) New

Applemax Gold 120mL (4.08 fl oz)

Applemax Gold – Liquid Broad Spectrum Wormer and Boticide for Horses Active Constituents: 75 mg/m..

AU$75.00 Ex Tax: AU$75.00

Bimectin Paste 6.42gm New Out Of Stock

Bimectin Paste 6.42gm

Bimectin Paste – Oral Broad Spectrum for Horses Active Constituent: 18.7 g/kg Ivermectin For t..

AU$14.50 Ex Tax: AU$14.50

E-Mox Pro Out Of Stock

E-Mox Pro

Bayer’s E-MOX PRO is a new Moxidectin triple active combination oral paste that provides the complet..

AU$18.50 Ex Tax: AU$18.50

Easymec In Feed Wormer New

Easymec In Feed Wormer

Easymec – In Feed Broad Spectrum Wormer and Boticide for Horses 4 x 17.5gm sachets Active Constit..

AU$24.50 Ex Tax: AU$24.50

A regular worming programme is essential,and while effective in killing adult worms that are present in the intestine at the time of treatment, worming is not a vaccine against future attacks.

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