Equimax horse wormer 37.8g (1.13 ounce)

Active Constituents: 3.7mg/g Abamectin, 46.2mg/g Praziquantel.

Expiry: August 2020

Syringe is marked for easy administration, 1 tube will treat 600kg ( 1320 lbs) bodyweight.

Abamectin is an efficient broad-spectrum wormer and Praziquantel is totally effective against tapeworm. This offers horse owners the opportunity to treat for every worm when they drench their horse. Equimax is the only horse wormer available that can deliver this promise. This ensures that their horse has the least chance of developing worm related colic or illness.

Dose rate of 1ml/20kg (44lbs) bodyweight
Being a paste with a larger volume dose size (16.2grams or 32.4grams) means that if any of the dose is spilt or rejected then the wasted amount of active ingredient is minimised.

Dosage rate of every 6 to 8 weeks
Ensures effective control of all worms as this period takes into account the lifecycle of all worms. A strategic worming program should take into account the peak seasons for worming for specific worms (e.g. tapeworm coming into winter). Without regular assessment of worm status (every 8 weeks) and strategic drenching, it is possible that total worm control will not be achievable.

Safety at up to five times the recommended dose rate in adult horses
The benefit to the consumer is that in a healthy adult horse, a dangerous overdose is virtually impossible when dosing with one syringe.

Active Constituents3.7mg/g Abamectin, 46.2mg/g Praziquante

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Equimax horse wormer 37.8g (1.13 ounce)

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