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Flea & Tick Prevention

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Advantage Ex Large (Blue)

Active Constituents: 100 g/L ImidaclopridOne vial treats dogs 25-40kg (55-88lb) body weight..

AU$50.00 Ex Tax: AU$50.00

Advantage Large (Red)

Active Constituents: 100 g/L Imidacloprid 2.5mLTreats dogs 22-55lb (10-25kg)Apply 1 via..

AU$48.30 Ex Tax: AU$48.30

Advantage Medium (Aqua)

Active Constituents: 100 g/L Imidacloprid Treats dogs 9-22lb (4-10kg)Apply 1 vial ..

AU$46.40 Ex Tax: AU$46.40

Advantage Sml Dogs & Pup (Green)

Active Constituents: 100 g/L Imidacloprid Treats Dogs up to 8.8lb (up to 4kg)&nbs..

AU$42.00 Ex Tax: AU$42.00

Aristopet Flea & Tick Spray 250mL

Active Constituents: 1.8 g/L Pyrethrins, 3.6 g/L Piperonyl Butoxide, 6.0 g/L Octylbicyclohepten..

AU$17.95 Ex Tax: AU$17.95

Capstar tablets for Small Dogs and Cats 6 Pack

Active Ingredients: CAPSTAR tablets contain 11.4mg of nitenpyramExpiry October 2020Trea..

AU$20.60 Ex Tax: AU$20.60

Capstar tablets Large Dogs 6 Pack

Active Ingredients: CAPSTAR tablets contain 11.4 or 57.0 mg of nitenpyramExpiry June 2020 ..

AU$23.65 Ex Tax: AU$23.65

Fido's Bedding and Jacket Spray 200mL

Composition: Pyrethins Methoprene (IGR)Indications: A ready to use spray for use on the pet's cl..

AU$14.20 Ex Tax: AU$14.20

Fido's Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate 125mL (4.25 floz)

Active Constituents: 10g/L Pyrethrins, 18g/L Piperonyl Butoxide, 30g/L N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarb..

AU$12.80 Ex Tax: AU$12.80

Fleatrol Plus

Active Constituents: Pyrethrins 1.8g/L, Piperonyl Butoxide 3.6g/L, N-octyl Bicyloheptene Dicarboximi..

AU$18.95 Ex Tax: AU$18.95

Kiltix Tick Collar 5 month

Active Constituents: 22.5 g/kg Flumethrin 100 g/kg Propoxur (AN ANTICHOLINESTERASE COMPOUND)C..

AU$15.00 Ex Tax: AU$15.00

Malaban Wash 250ml

Malaban Wash Concentrate 250ml for dogs and cats. Malaban Wash contros fleas, lice and adult brown d..

AU$21.00 Ex Tax: AU$21.00

Maldison 50

Active Constituents: Maldison 500g/LMALDISON 50 is an organo-phosphorous anti-cholinesteras..

AU$29.50 Ex Tax: AU$29.50

Musca Ban

Active Constituents: Each L contains pyrethrins 1.5 g, di-N-propyl isocinchomeronate 6 g, piper..

AU$14.50 Ex Tax: AU$14.50

Permoxin 250ml Concentrate

Active constituents: 40 g/L Permethrin 25:75 cis:transDogs: flea control, tick control (includin..

AU$19.90 Ex Tax: AU$19.90

Seresto Collar Dog Flea & Tick up to 8kg (17.6lb)

Active ingredients: Imidacloprid 100mg/g Flumethrin 45mg/gSeresto is a breakthrough in flea and ..

AU$44.70 Ex Tax: AU$44.70

Seresto Flea And Tick Collar For Dogs Over 8kg (17.6lb)

Active ingredients: Imidacloprid 100mg/g Flumethrin 45mg/gSeresto is a breakthrough in flea and ..

AU$44.70 Ex Tax: AU$44.70

Tick Key

TickKey Is The Easiest-To-Use Tick Remover On Earth!Place the key over the tick in the slot. ..

AU$10.90 Ex Tax: AU$10.90

Tick twister

Ultra thin for small ticks or large opening for large ticks. The safest and easiest way to remove ti..

AU$12.00 Ex Tax: AU$12.00

Virbac Preventic Tick Collar for dogs

Acitve Constituents: 90g/kg AmitrazPrevents attachment The tick does not need to bite the dog t..

AU$14.60 Ex Tax: AU$14.60

Fleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide. They feed off the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats. Diseases can be transferred from one host to another. Fleas are known to transmit tapeworm larvae. Ticks are external parasites that need a blood meal to survive and reproduce. Ticks can feed on humans and other mammals, reptiles, birds or even frogs. All life stages of ticks feed on blood. Ticks can transmit several diseases, such as Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis and others, but most tick bites do not result in illness.

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