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**Aristopet Cat & Kitten 5kg (11lb) 2 Pack New SALE

**Aristopet Cat & Kitten 5kg (11lb) 2 Pack

2 Tablet PackReduced to Clear – Only 34 availableActive Constituents: Each tablet contains: ..

AU$10.80 AU$7.50 Ex Tax: AU$7.50

**Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons 25gm (0.875 oz) SALE

**Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons 25gm (0.875 oz)

Discontinued Size – Ronivet 4 Pigeons 25gm has been discontinued – Only 9 Available Expiry December ..

AU$19.90 AU$13.00 Ex Tax: AU$13.00

**Spark Liquid Concentrate 250mL (8.5 floz) SALE

**Spark Liquid Concentrate 250mL (8.5 floz)

Active Constituents: 20g/L Potassium ions, 30g/L Citrate ions, 23g/L Bicarbonate ions, 21g/L Sodiu..

AU$29.90 AU$24.90 Ex Tax: AU$24.90

**Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Wrap SALE

**Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Wrap

Reduced to Clear – Discontinued Product – Limited stocks availableThundershirt For Dogs Anxiety ..

AU$63.50 AU$53.50 Ex Tax: AU$53.50

DOOG Walkie Bag SALE

DOOG Walkie Bag

Discontinued Product – Limited Stocks Available4 x Black, 3 x Blue/White Polka Dot, 2 x Khaki ..

AU$42.00 AU$35.00 Ex Tax: AU$35.00

DOOG Walkie Belt SALE

DOOG Walkie Belt

Reduced to Clear – Limited Stocks Available9 x Black, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Pink, 2 x Camo, 2 x Black/..

AU$35.00 AU$25.00 Ex Tax: AU$25.00

DOOG Walking Belts Mini SALE

DOOG Walking Belts Mini

Discontinued Product – Limited Stock Available5 x Black, 3 x Red, 5 x Pink, 2 x Navy & Yello..

AU$22.00 AU$19.00 Ex Tax: AU$19.00

Elizabethan Collar SALE

Elizabethan Collar

Reduced to Clear, Discontinued Line – Limited quantity’s availableElizabethan Collars keep pets ..

AU$7.50 AU$6.00 Ex Tax: AU$6.00

** Sentry Hypoallergenic Paper Tape 1.25cm

Hypoallergenic Paper Tape is used to secure small dressings to the face, neck and other fragile area..

AU$3.00 Ex Tax: AU$3.00

**Falcon Wormout 50 Tablets SALE

**Falcon Wormout 50 Tablets

Reduced to Clear – Only 6 availableFalcon Wormout tablets treat roundworms, hookworms, and tapew..

AU$35.00 AU$23.00 Ex Tax: AU$23.00

**Greenies Feline Dental Treats Catnip Flavour 60gms SALE

**Greenies Feline Dental Treats Catnip Flavour 60gms

Treat their teeth while treating their belly with Greenies Feline Dental Treats Catnip Flavour 60g. ..

AU$9.99 AU$8.90 Ex Tax: AU$8.90

**Lovebites Flex Joint 20 Chews New SALE

**Lovebites Flex Joint 20 Chews

Reduced to Clear – Package size change- Expiry January 2023, Only 10 availableActive Constituent..

AU$17.90 AU$13.90 Ex Tax: AU$13.90

**Lovebites Liverpro Meal topper 50gms New SALE

**Lovebites Liverpro Meal topper 50gms

Reduced to Clear – Expiry March 2022, Only 1 availableActive Constituents: Silymarin (milk ..

AU$24.00 AU$19.00 Ex Tax: AU$19.00

**Lovebites Predamax Meal topper 50gms New SALE

**Lovebites Predamax Meal topper 50gms

Reduced to Clear – Expiry March 2022, Only 8 availableActive Constituents: Dicalcium phosph..

AU$17.00 AU$11.95 Ex Tax: AU$11.95

**Mars Coat-King- Original 8 Blade SALE

**Mars Coat-King- Original 8 Blade

BREED GUIDE:Pomeranian - 8 bladeShetland Sheepdog - 8 (if very thick coat), 10 if thinner ..

AU$41.00 AU$39.00 Ex Tax: AU$39.00

**Pet Bowl, 21cm Diameter, 1.75L, Stainless Steel New

**Pet Bowl, 21cm Diameter, 1.75L, Stainless Steel

 Only 7 available. Kramar Large Durable and easy to clean ..

AU$10.00 Ex Tax: AU$10.00

**Trouble and Trix Collar Park Avenue Stars Blue SALE

**Trouble and Trix Collar Park Avenue Stars Blue

Discontinued – Only 1 AvailableTrouble and Trix Collar Park Avenue Stars Blue is a high-quality ..

AU$9.70 AU$8.70 Ex Tax: AU$8.70

**Troy Vitamin ADE Injection 500mL SALE

**Troy Vitamin ADE Injection 500mL

One only- expires Jan 2022Vitamin ADE Injection is for the treatment and prevention of Vitamin A..

AU$199.00 AU$165.00 Ex Tax: AU$165.00

**Vitasol Drops 50mL SALE

**Vitasol Drops 50mL

Reduced to Clear – Only 2 availableVitasol Drops – Liquid vitamin drops to boost all diets of sm..

AU$12.95 AU$8.50 Ex Tax: AU$8.50

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