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**Avi Care Concentrate 100mL (3.4 fl oz) SALE

**Avi Care Concentrate 100mL (3.4 fl oz)

Active Constituents: 50g/L Benzalkonium Chloride, 25g/L Sulfamic AcidAvian care disinfectan..

AU$14.60 AU$12.60 Ex Tax: AU$12.60

**Avi Care Concentrate 500mL (17 fl oz) SALE

**Avi Care Concentrate 500mL (17 fl oz)

Reduced to Clear – Discontinued Only 10 AvailableActive Constituents: 50g/L Benzalkonium Ch..

AU$40.10 AU$29.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.00

**Painaway Arthritis Cream 70g

Active Constituents:Painaway Australia only use’s the finest quality, 100% natural active i..

AU$23.00 Ex Tax: AU$23.00

**PAW Osteocare Joint Health Chews 300gms SALE

**PAW Osteocare Joint Health Chews 300gms

Reduced to Clear – Expiry January 2021Active Constituents: 500mg Glucosamine Sulfate: to prov..

AU$29.60 AU$27.90 Ex Tax: AU$27.90

**Pigeon Wormout Tablets 1000 Tablet Pack SALE

**Pigeon Wormout Tablets 1000 Tablet Pack

Reduced to Clear – Discontinued Size, Only 2 AvailableActive Constituents: 5mg Praziquantel, 5mg..

AU$202.30 AU$139.00 Ex Tax: AU$139.00

**Poly-Aid Plus 500gm (17.5 oz) SALE

**Poly-Aid Plus 500gm (17.5 oz)

Reduced to Clear – discontinued size Only 6 AvailableIngredients: Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Ascorbi..

AU$70.00 AU$49.00 Ex Tax: AU$49.00

**Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons 25gm (0.875 oz) SALE

**Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons 25gm (0.875 oz)

Discontinued Size – Ronivet 4 Pigeons 25gm has been discontinued – Only 24 AvailableActive Const..

AU$19.90 AU$15.00 Ex Tax: AU$15.00

**Ronivet-S 900gm (31.5 oz) SALE

**Ronivet-S 900gm (31.5 oz)

Reduced to Clear – Expiry November 2020Active Constituents: 60mg/g RonidazoleRonivet-S for c..

AU$146.30 AU$75.00 Ex Tax: AU$75.00

**Scaly Face & Leg Cure 25mL (0.85 fl oz)

SHORT EXPIRY DECEMBER 2020 – ONE ONLYActive ingredients: Benzyl benzoate 75g/L- Liquid parr..

AU$6.00 Ex Tax: AU$6.00

**Canimax for Dogs 11-22lb (5-10kg)

SHORT EXPIRY MARCH 2021- 4 ONLYActive Constituents: Each tablet contains 0.1 mg Abamec..

AU$27.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.00

**Canimax for Dogs up to 11lb (5kg)

SHORT EXPIRY MARCH 2021- 3 ONLYActive Constituents: Each tablet contains 0.05mg Abamectin, ..

AU$21.00 Ex Tax: AU$21.00

**Petsport Scruff Brush for Dogs or Cats

Comfortable rubber groomingStimulates circulation for a healthier coatRemoves extra hair..

AU$10.00 Ex Tax: AU$10.00

**Trouble and Trix Collar Park Avenue Stars Blue New

**Trouble and Trix Collar Park Avenue Stars Blue

Trouble and Trix Collar Park Avenue Stars Blue is a high-quality cat collar designed to provide your..

AU$8.70 Ex Tax: AU$8.70


One  pair Only take care of your dogs paws with the Dog Boots. These boots are made..

AU$20.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.00


One  pair Only Made from Waterproof Neoprene to keep your dogs feet dry Non Slip ..

AU$25.00 Ex Tax: AU$25.00

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