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Falcon Medications

Falcon Medications

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Falcon Imox Tablets - 50 tabs

Active Constituents: 500ug Moxidectin per tabletAnti-parasitic tablets for Falcons.The activ..

AU$69.60 Ex Tax: AU$69.60

Falcon Moulting Aid Powder 100gm

Moulting Aid Quail Flavoured Powder - Vitamin , trace mineral and amino acid suppliment to aid moult..

AU$18.30 Ex Tax: AU$18.30

Falcon Multivet Tablets 50's

Multivitamin Tablets for Falcons. ** Note: This product is a special order in item and may take up t..

AU$33.60 Ex Tax: AU$33.60

Falcon Protocide Tablets 30 Pack

Active Constituents: per tablet: 25mg Ronidazole, 25mg SecnidazoleFalcons are commonly infected ..

AU$25.40 Ex Tax: AU$25.40

Falcon Recharge 50ml (1.7fL)

Active Constituents: 150g/L Ribose, 250g/L L-CaritineSpeeds recovery from hunting and prevents m..

AU$23.40 Ex Tax: AU$23.40

Falcon Wormout Plus 50's

Active constituents: 20mg Oxfendazole, 10mg Diclazuril, 8mg PraziquantelFalcon Wormout Plus 50 T..

AU$35.20 Ex Tax: AU$35.20


Active Ingredients: Contains a blend of 7 species of live (freeze dried) microbes that help improve ..

AU$15.00 Ex Tax: AU$15.00

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