Breeding Aids

Breeding Aids

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Adec Liquid 10mL

Active Constituents: Vitamin A 50,000 i/u; Vitamin C 100 mg; Vitamin D3 25,000 i/u; Vitamin E 30 mg ..

AU$27.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.00

Avi Care Concentrate SALE

Avi Care Concentrate

Active Constituents: 50g/L Benzalkonium Chloride, 25g/L Sulfamic AcidAvian care disinfectan..

AU$14.60 AU$12.60 Ex Tax: AU$12.60

Avi Care R.T.U 500ml (17 fl oz) SALE

Avi Care R.T.U 500ml (17 fl oz)

Active Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride, Sulfamic AcidAvian care disinfectant and cleanser sui..

AU$23.50 AU$21.50 Ex Tax: AU$21.50

Breeding Aid

Oil-based breeding supplement, fortified with stabilised vitamins for the addition to seed diets. ..

AU$13.10 Ex Tax: AU$13.10


Active Constituents: Calcium Ions 33 mg/mL, Vitamin D3 25 IU/mLLiquid calcium and Vitamin D3 sup..

AU$14.10 Ex Tax: AU$14.10

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