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Diet Supplements

Diet Supplements

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Acidurin - 100 Tablets

Active Ingredients: Ammonium Chloride 100mg Caution: Do not use in in pregnant cats or dog..

AU$16.60 Ex Tax: AU$16.60

Cat Lover Catnip Spray

  Encourage your cat to use a scratching post instead of the furniture!   ..

AU$11.30 Ex Tax: AU$11.30

Foliphos 3 in 1 100ml

Active Constituents:   Butaphosphan 100 mg/mL, folic acid 2 mg/mL, hydroxocobalamin acetate 0.0..

AU$35.50 Ex Tax: AU$35.50

Laxapet Gel 100gms (3.5 ounce)

Active Constituents: Paraffin 400mg/g. A palatable laxative gel and aid in the elimination o..

AU$13.20 Ex Tax: AU$13.20

Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder 400g

Natural Animal Solutions® Goat Milk Powder has been carefully selected from the finest sources avail..

AU$29.99 Ex Tax: AU$29.99

Natural Animal Solutions Omega 3, 6, 9 Oil for Cats 200mL

Ingredients: Flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil and natural vitamin ..

AU$16.00 Ex Tax: AU$16.00

Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack

Natural Animal Solutions® Skin Pack is a revolutionary treatment pack which has been created to comb..

AU$39.50 Ex Tax: AU$39.50

Predamax Carnivore Suppliment 200gms/7oz

Active Ingredients: Per kg: Calcium 235.7g, Phosphate 105g, Vitamin A 690,000IU, Vitamin D 30,000IU,..

AU$14.90 Ex Tax: AU$14.90

Seaflex Chews for Cats 100gms (3.5 oz)

Seaflex is a patented marine nutritional supplement that provides health benefits not available in t..

AU$24.50 Ex Tax: AU$24.50

Synbiotic 180-S

Recommended for: All animal species, including domestic pets, livestock, small animals & re..

AU$20.90 Ex Tax: AU$20.90

Vets All Natural Flax Seed Oil

Vets All Natural Flax Seed Oil 100% pure, cold pressed Flax Seed Oil. Produced using the Omega Fl..

AU$14.00 Ex Tax: AU$14.00

Vets All Natural Health Booster

A nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. Ingredients: dolomite, liver granules, flax seed meal..

AU$22.90 Ex Tax: AU$22.90

Vets All Natural Omega Blend

Active Constituents: 100% pure, cold pressed Flax Seed Oil, Shark Liver Oil, Sunflower Oil and ..

AU$21.40 Ex Tax: AU$21.40

Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer

A nutritionally balanced milk substitute for kittens of all breeds. Use for orphaned kittens or when..

AU$34.95 Ex Tax: AU$34.95

Feline Tranquil Formular 120 Tablets

Helps Maintain Emotional Balance in Cats. 120 Chewable Tablets for Easy Dosing. Like humans, c..

AU$23.00 Ex Tax: AU$23.00

Greenies Feline Dental Treats Oven Roasted Chicken Flavour 60gms

Treat their teeth while treating their belly with Greenies Feline Dental Treats Over Roasted Chicken..

AU$9.99 Ex Tax: AU$9.99

Greenies Feline Dental Treats Savory Salmon Flavour 60gms

Treat their teeth while treating their belly with Greenies Feline Dental Treats Savoury Salmon Flavo..

AU$9.99 Ex Tax: AU$9.99

Greenies Feline Dental Treats Tempting Tuna Flavour 60gms

Treat their teeth while treating their belly with Greenies Feline Dental Treats Tempting Tuna Flavou..

AU$9.99 Ex Tax: AU$9.99

Lovebites Dentashield Chews

Lovebites DentaShield Chews are formulated for daily use as a treat to assist with your dog's oral h..

AU$18.50 Ex Tax: AU$18.50

Lovebites Predamax Meal topper 50gms

Active Constituents: Dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, kangaroo meat, salt, magnesium sul..

AU$17.00 Ex Tax: AU$17.00

We all want our pets to be as healthy and long-lived as possible, so it makes perfect sense to feed them well. But the food that we place into the bowls every day maynot fulfill 100 percent of our pets dietary needs!
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