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Felpreva for Large Cats 5-8kg (11-17.6lbs) 2 Pack

Active Constituents: 115.52mg Tigolaner, 24.01mg Emodepside, 96.05mg Praziquantel. For cats weigh..

AU$76.00 Ex Tax: AU$76.00

Felpreva for Medium Cats 2.5-5kg (5.5-11lbs) 2 Pack

Active Constituents: 72.45mg Tigolaner, 15.06mg Emodepside, 60.24mg Praziquantel. For cats weighi..

AU$74.00 Ex Tax: AU$74.00

Felpreva® is a ground breaking new parasite treatment designed specifically for cats with convenience and ease of use in mind.  It provides all-in-one parasite cover, with the longest-lasting flea and paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) protection available in a single spot-on dose.

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