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Revolution Cat (Blue) Out Of Stock
Please note: There is currently a world wide shortage of Revolution Dog and Cat products, please c..
Ex Tax: AU$44.30
Active Constituents: 60 mg/mL Selamectin, 10 mg/mL Sarolaner. Each vial contains 0.5mL For cats&n..
Ex Tax: AU$45.90
Active Constituents: 272ug Ivermectin, 227mg Pyrantel (as Embonate Salt) Treats Dogs: 50-100..
Ex Tax: AU$50.50
Active Constituents: 75 mg Afoxolaner and 15 mg Milbemycin Oxime Large Dogs 15-30kg (33-66lbs) ..
Ex Tax: AU$68.35
Active Constituents: 100mg Praziquantel, 450mg Oxibendazole. Expiry: 20 Pack June 2024, 50 Pack ..
Ex Tax: AU$3.75
Paw Hepatoadvanced Liver Support New
Cat/Small Dog – Active Constituents: S-Adenosyl-L- methionine disulfate p-toluenesulfonate (Equivale..
Ex Tax: AU$69.00
**Comfortis Plus Pink Extra Small Dog New SALE
Reduced to Clear –  Expiry November 2022, Only 1 available. Active Constituents- 140 mg Spin..
AU$86.85 AU$79.00
Ex Tax: AU$79.00
**Simparica Trio 10.1-20kg (22-44 lb) Blue 3 pack New SALE
Reduced to Clear- Expiry November 2022, only 54 available Active Constituents: 100mg pyrante..
AU$56.00 AU$29.00
Ex Tax: AU$29.00
**Falcon Recharge 50ml (1.7fL) New SALE
Reduced to Clear – Expiry August 2023, only 4 available Active Constituents: 150g/L Ribose, 250g/..
AU$26.00 AU$19.90
Ex Tax: AU$19.90
**Selapro for Dogs (Teal) 20-40kg (44-88lbs) New SALE
Active Constituents: 120mg/mL Selamectin Expiry – December 2022 For Dogs 20-40kg (44-88lbs) ..
AU$49.00 AU$36.50
Ex Tax: AU$36.50

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