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Tape Worm Medication Information

Tapeworm Information

Droncit for cats 10 x 10kg - 10 x 22lbs tabletsTape worms are small parasites that reside in the intestinal tract of an animal, be it dog, cat or human, where they attach themselves to the intestinal wall and feed on your pet's nutrients, growing to an average of six inches. Tapeworms are almost always contracted though fleas.

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GO TO Droncit for cats 4 x 10 kg (4 x 22 lbs)

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GO TO Droncit for cats 10 x 10kg (10 x 22lbs)

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The most common tapeworm is dipylidium caninum. This common tapeworm can not parasitize humans. Tape worms in dogs and cats are recognized by the ripe segments or proglotids present on the hair coat and in their stool which look like grains of rice.

This parasite, except for the dipylidium caninum strain, poses a serious public health problem because of the possibility for human infection. If eggs shed by an infected cat or dog are accidentally ingested, a highly pathogenic condition (Alveolar Hydatid Disease) results.

Tapeworms in dogs and cats are quite common, and medicines that kill other intestinal worms are generally not effective in destroying dog and cat tapeworms. Droncit, an acclaimed tape worm medication by the reputable Bayer Corporation, is one of the few tape worm treatments that kills tapeworms quickly and easily without purging your pet's bowels.

Droncit Tapeworm Medication

How does it work?
Droncit, when ingested as a tablet, destroys the protective layer surrounding the tapeworm, causing them to be swept away and digested. They are not seen in your pet's stool - they are simply destroyed. We only stock Droncit for cats and dogs that weigh 10kg.

Droncit is known as an extremely safe tape worm treatment - some other treatments attempt to remove tapeworms by causing violent intestinal contractions and severe diarrhoea, which has proven largely ineffective. It is virtually non-toxic, free of undesirous side effects and is safe for pregnant cats and dogs.

We sell packs of 4, 8, 10 and 100 tablets for 10kg (22lbs) dogs and cats:

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