Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Control

Spread by mosquitoes, heartworm disease is a nationally recognised threat to adult dogs and puppies. Causing heart disease, organ failure and death, advanced cases that are untreated can kill within 72 of the first appearance of symptoms.

Flea infestation is one of the most annoying problems faced by you and your pet. It only takes a few fleas to start an infestation. Female fleas lay 40-50 eggs each day which drop off your pet and land around your home, where you can have a serious infestation in as little as three weeks.

But now Novartis Sentinel Spectrum takes care of both heartworm and fleas at the same time!

How Sentinel Spectrum Works

Novartis Sentinel Spectrum combines an insect growth regulator with a heartworm preventive, as well as the same anti-tapeworm agent as is used in such products as Advantage and Frontline.

The unique Sentinel combination prevents immature fleas from growing and prevents females from producing fertile eggs while completely protecting against heartworm disease and tapeworm infection.

Used monthly, the interruption of the flea life cycle at various levels results in a long-term very effective flea control on the animal as well as in the environment.

Sentinel is totally safe for pregnant females, breeding males and females with puppies over 2 weeks of age. Available as meat flavoured Tabs, Sentinel is quick and easy to administer.

Sentinel Spectrum comes in a variety of formulas for different size dogs:

Due to trade restrictions, it is currently unlawful to import Novartis pet medicines into the United States of America. Accordingly, we cannot sell Sentinel to U.S customers. U.S customers should see their local veterinarian to obtain Novartis Sentinel.

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