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Puppy Dog Supplies

So you have a new puppy dog! Whether this is your first little puppy or you are a puppy veteran, this little ball of fur is certainly going to change your life!

We at Pets Megastore have been in the puppy & dog supplies business for over 13 years, and have picked up a thing or two about raising the barrels of fun that are puppies.

Apart from the usual bed and bowl, there are a few things that you have to buy before you bring your new puppy home - namely a collar, a leash, puppy toys and puppy & dog grooming supplies.

Collars & Leashes for Puppies

Your puppy's first collar should be made of lightweight nylon or leather. To measure your puppy's collar size, measure his neck and add two inches. To ensure that the collar fits properly, ensure that you are able to slide two fingers between the collar and your puppy's neck.

It may take a while for your puppy to get used to wearing his collar, so don't be discouraged if he is uncomfortable and scratches his collar. Remember to attach an identification tag listing your puppy's name, your address and phone number to your puppy collar.

See our great collection of dog collars for puppies and dogs

dog toys

Puppy Dog Toys

All puppies need toys to help them exercise and to provide them with a safe way to satisfy their natural desire to chew, but you must mae sure that they cannot be swallowed. As a general rule, if the toy can fit comfortably in a puppy's mouth, it's too small.

We stock a great range of toys that your puppy can play with alone and with you - from kongs of all sizes, to tugging thongs and great Frisbees, and featuring the world famous 'Aussie Dog toys'made for pets and zoos all over the world, you will both have hours of fun together!

See our great collection of puppy dog toys

Grooming Supplies for your Puppy

Dog comb with rotating teethMake sure you have the proper grooming tools for your puppy dog. These will differ depending on your puppy's coat - for shorthaired breeds, use a brush with natural bristles, a rubber currycomb or a hand mitt, while a sturdy wide-toothed metal comb and perhaps a mat splitter are needed for longhaired breeds.

Be sure to include a flea comb in your grooming supplies, and begin by establishing a weekly grooming program with your puppy as quickly as possible.

We at Pets Megastore stock many brands and varieties of shampoos, conditioners, brushes and other pet grooming supplies.

See our great collection of grooming supplies

Puppy Medications

Pets Megastore are an online puppy dog supplies store specializing in 'off the shelf' dog and puppy medication, including treatments for common dog diseases such as dog arthritis and other conditions that affect your dog or puppy's wellbeing. These are all genuine, high quality dog medications, specially formulated to be safe for puppies, and as sold by your local vet. We also sell dog & puppy heart wormers and puppy & dog intestinal wormers, all heavily discounted because of international currency conversions.

See some of our great prices on these important puppy dog medicines:



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