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Roundworms (Toxocara species)

Roundworm infection is transmitted through ingestion of eggs in an infected rodent, infected soil, or milk from an infected mother. The eggs hatch into larvae in the stomach, and the larvae travel to the small intestine where they mature into adults. The adults lay eggs, which pass out of the pet in feces. The worms can also be transmitted from mother to puppies or kittens in utero.

If humans ingest round worm eggs, the eggs can cause infection. It is important to wash hands after handling dog feces. Children should not be allowed to play on soil where dogs defecate.

Symptoms of Round Worm Infection:

  • Bloated belly
  • Blood or mucus in the stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting

Severe infection can create intestinal obstruction and cause death in puppies and kittens!

Round worm is diagnosed by examining the feces for the presence of eggs. Several oral medications are available for the treatment of roundworms. Treatment generally requires more than a single dose.

Hookworms (Ancylostoma)

Hookworms are the most common canine intestinal parasite, infecting nearly 20% of all dogs. Hook worms attach to a dog's intestinal lining with hooklike teeth.

Hookworm infection is transmitted by ingesting the infective larvae (which usually live in soil) or by the larvae attaching to and burrowing through the dog's skin. Once inside the dog's body, larvae travel to the small intestine, mature, mate, and lay eggs. The eggs pass into the soil through the dog's feces. Hookworm can also be transmitted through a nursing mother's milk.

Since hook worms can penetrate skin tissue, it is possible for people to pick up the larvae when walking barefoot on infected soil. Children should not be allowed to play in areas where dogs defecate.

Symptoms of Hook Worm Infection:

  • Anemia (severe cases)
  • Diarrhea
  • Diminished strength and vitality

The worms feed on the host's blood. Puppies can develop life-threatening anemia from blood loss even before eggs are detectable in the feces. Hookworm disease is diagnosed by examining the feces for eggs.

Preventing Roundworms and Hookworms

By far the best way to deal with round worms and other parasites is prevention, and at Pets Megastore we have an extensive range of roundworm, hookworm and other intestinal worm preventatives, from generic products such as Canine Allwormer to the renowned Drontal and Drontal Plus. Below you will find a short list of roundworm and hookworm medications, or you can visit our Hook Worm and Round Worm Prevention catalog.

Drontal for large dogs 70 x 35 kg (70 x 77 lbs) tablets
Drontal is the most popular brand of wormer
 - and is highly recommended for the control of all gastrointestinal worms in dogs including round worm, hook worm, whip worm and tape worm (including hydatid tapeworm) by veterinarians.

Drontal is available for cats, dogs and in a special puppy-friendly liquid. See our Drontal information page for more information on the many Drontal products available at Pets Megastore.

See our Drontal information page now!

Canine Allwormer 100 x 10Kg (100 x 22lbs) tabletsCanine Allwormer offers total protection from all 11 intestinal worms (including tapeworm) for three months. It is important not to confuse generic products to home brands - more and more people have been saving money by using generic medicines for their pets.

Canine Allwormer comes in two sizes - 'average' for dogs up to 10kg (22lbs) and 'large' for dogs up to 40kg (88lbs) - and a variety of packages with from 5 to 100 tablets.

Wormout is great for hookworm infectionVetafarm Wormout treats all internal worms, including Round Worm, Hook Worm, Whipworm, Tape Worm and Hydatid Tape Worm. Wormout is quick and safe in cats and dogs, and can be given orally or in food. Treatment lasts for three months. Vetafarm Wormout is only available for sale outside of Australia.

Wormout is specially formulated for your pet's weight range, and comes in a variety of sizes.

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