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Pets Megastore Equine Vets Supplies has been in the Australian equine vet supply business for over 13 years. As a long-time leader in discount horse supplies, we have really come to know the needs of pets and their owners.

As owners of a discount equine supplies store, and as true animal lovers, we know and understand your needs. Pets Megastore sells extremely discounted equine vet supplies -  all guaranteed genuine and reputable brands.

Discount Equine supplies straight to you

Selling only the most reputable and trusted brands, we take advantage of international exchange rates to give you the best possible prices. No matter where you are in the world, we can give you the cheapest discount equine supplies.

We specialise in 'off the shelf' equine medication; over the counter equine supplies that do not require a prescription - exactly the same brands as you would buy from your local equine vet supplier, only much cheaper! Check out some of our great horse medication deals below:
Equimax horse wormer

Equimax horse wormer
Containing Abamectin and Praziquantel, Equimax is an efficient broad-spectrum wormer that is also effective against tapeworm, allowing horse owners the opportunity to treat for every worm when they drench their horse. This ensures that their horse has the least chance of developing worm related colic or illness. Equimax is the only horse wormer available that can deliver this promise.

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Homoplex paste 30ml for dogs and horses by Troy
Homoplex for Horses

Hemoplex is a quality injectable supplementary source of iron, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, ideal to aid in the recovery from stress associated with racing, heavy work and covalence from illness. Dose directly onto food or by mouth.

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Quit- Itch Fungicide Bactericide Antiseptic Lotion
Quit Itch Fungicide - Bactericide - Antiseptic - Lotion 375 mlQuit-itch is ideal as an emergency treatment for lacerations, wire cuts, burns, abrasions and other superficial animal wounds. It may also be used on horses as an aid in the treatment of Queensland itch, saddle acne, girth itch and greasy heel.

  • Undiluted, Quit-itch is the most efficient treatment for skin diseases and wounds.
  • Diluted as directed and used as an all-over shampoo, Quit-itch thoroughly cleanses and de-germs thus preventing the spread of contagious skin diseases.
  • Quit-itch ensures a lustrous coat for your horse

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