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Dog Fleas & Ticks Information

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dog fleas and ticks controlFleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide. They feed off the blood of humans and animals. Diseases can be transferred from one host to another. Fleas are known to transmit tapeworm larvae.

Ticks are external parasites that need a blood meal to survive and reproduce. Ticks can feed on humans and other mammals, reptiles, birds or even frogs. All life stages of ticks feed on blood. Ticks can transmit several diseases, such as Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis and others, but most tick bites do not result in illness.

We at Pets Megastore, as an online pets store as well as animal lovers, understand how you must love and care for your pets. We stock a variety of dog flea and tick prevention and dog flea and tick solutions - whether you are trying to keep yourpet safe from attack, or dealing with a fully fledged flea or tick infestation - we have everything that you need.

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Advantix - Dog Fleas & Ticks Solution

Is your furry friend being attacked by fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes? Advantix Dog Flea & Tick Control is the only product that can protect them from dog fleasticks and even mosquitoes, too!

Advantix contains two proven active ingredients, Imidacloprid and Permethrin, which:

  • Kill and repel Paralysis Ticks
  • Kill and repel Brown Dog and Bush Ticks
  • Kill Dog Fleas
  • Kill Flea Larvae
  • Reduce Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • Repel and kill Mosquitoes and Sand Flies
  • Control Lice

Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats

In addition to bothersome scratching, parasites can cause infection and diseases that can be dangerous or even deadly. Dog Flea and Tick collars are another effective preventative, especially in conjunction with other fleas & ticks prevention measures. Below are the extremely affordable flea and tick collars that we offer for your pets:

Advantage Dog Flea Killer

Advantage for Dogs will kill any dog fleas that bite your dog before they manage to lay any eggs, ending the attack before it really begins. It will also quickly end an already present flea infestation. See our catalog on Advantage Flea Protection specially designed for dogs.

Advantage comes in four sizes based on weight:

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Flea Tick Control Quality Guarantee
Products from Pets Megastore online pet shop are all supplied from reputable leading flea tick control brands. You can be assured of the highest quality flea and tick killer.

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