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Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are the most commonly owned pets, and it is easy to see why. In their own separate ways, a cat or a dog each bring such joy and laughter into a home.

At Pets Megastore, we pride ourselves on delivering you the most helpful information and products in looking after your cat and/or dog. Below is a list of things to check when looking your cat or dog over to determine their health.

Cat and Dog Health

The WELL dog will have:

  • bright eyes, no discharge from the ears, eyes or nose, a dog will have a healthy coat free of parasites and a strong interest in everything that is going on.
  • A balanced feeding and exercise routine, along with stimulating activities and play.

Health care for your dog

  • walk your dog at least twice daily
  • play time and obedience classes
  • lots of company and attention
  • vaccination annually
  • worming every 3 months
  • regular dog flea control
  • neutering
  • regular grooming
  • good quality dog food

Signs of Health Trouble in Cats:

  • what looks like specks of black pepper - this could be cat fleas and cat flea dirt
  • excessive brown wax or a bad smell coming from the cat's ears - which could indicate ear infection
  • any abnormal discharge from the eyes. If you have a Persian cat you may need to clean the corners of its eyes daily as they often get tear overflow. If the cat is showing his third eyelids it could be a sign that it is unwell
  • a nose that is not damp and velvety. Sneezing and any discharge can be a sign of early cat flu
  • any unusual lumps or bumps on the belly. If your cat is female and you notice a swelling on the mammary gland, take it to the vet immediately
  • a rice grain under your cat's tail, which means your cat has tapeworms. As these are also carried by fleas, you must treat your cat for both

Checking these few things should get help to ensure that your dog or cat is healthy. Pets Megastore also offers an extensive range of cat supplies and dog supplies.

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