Cats and Kittens

Kittens are a wonderful addition to any family, but it is important to be well prepared for the new kitten joining your home. Pets Megastore is here to help you look after and protect your kitten.

Looking After Kittens

Your kitten will need a warm, draught-free place to sleep - such as a basket or a box. You should also cat-proof your home by clearing away toxic products and sharp objects, which your inquisitive kitten may play with. Close the windows and bolt the cat flap, as kittens have not yet grown attached to your home, and may not return if they leave.

Kittens should be picked up gently with one hand under the front of the body and the other beneath the hind legs.

It's best to keep your kitten in the home for the first two to three weeks. With increasing boldness, a kitten's inquisitive nature will take over and soon your kitten will feel right at home. Once familiar with your household routine, you can usually be sure your kitten will return.

We at Pets Megastore also stock a large range of medicationaccessories and toys for all your cats and kittens, such as flea treatments Advocate for Kittens and Advantage for Cats and Kittens.

Advocate for Kittens

Advocate for kittens up to 4 kg (0 - 9lbs) 6 monthsAdvocate for Kittens is a monthly spot on product for kittens which not only treats and controls cat fleas, but also prevents heartworm and gastro-intestinal worms with the added benefit of the treatment of mites.

Advocate for Kittens stops fleas from feeding within 3-5 minutes. Kills 98-100% of fleas by 12 hours of 1st application. It kills both adult and larval fleas by 20 minutes, and kills fleas that jump onto the pet within 1 hour.

Advocate remains effective after swimming, bathing or rain. Advocate for Kittens breaks the flea life cycle by killing flea larva and adults.

Advocate is safe to use on kittens from 7 weeks of age. Advocate not only has a wide safety margin for pets, but for their owners as well. Buy Advocate for Kittens now.

Advantage for Cats and Kittens

Advantage for Kittens & Cats up to 4kg (8.8lbs) 4 monthsKittens don't have to worry about fleas anymore. Advantage for Cats and Kittens is so gentle, it can be used on eight-week-old kittens. The gentleness and effectiveness of Advantage has been proven in extensive and thorough domestic animal safety studies, so you can use Advantage with confidence.

Advantage can be used on your pet no matter what its size. Advantage is available in four month or six month packs for maximum convenience and flexibility in dosing. Both options come in two sizes for your kitten or cat.

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