Aristopet Red Colour Enhancer 50mls

Active ingredient: 15mg/ml canthaxanthin

Red Colour Enhancer promotes red colour in plumage of red factor canaries and colour variations in Yorkshire and Norwich canaries.

  • To obtain best results, use before and during moulting and while chicks are growing their first feathers.
  • May be given safely throughout the year.
  • It is quite normal for droppings to become red and no harmful effects will occur with overdosage except, the plumage may tend to become dull.
  • Aristopet Red Colour Enhancer promotes vibrant red plumages.
  • It is most effective during the growth and molting periods of your bird.
  • Drinking water should be replenished at least every week.


  • Prepare the drinking water as follows: 12 drops per 30ml (1.01 fl oz) water; 15ml (.507 l oz) per 600ml (20.28 fl oz) water; 125ml (4.22 fl oz) per 5 litres (169.07 fl oz) water; 4 drops per 1g (.035 oz) soft food daily.


For Birds
Active Constituents 15mg/ml Canthaxanthin
Application Water Soluble

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Aristopet Red Colour Enhancer 50mls

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