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**Aristopet Bird Wormer 125mL (4.25 floz)

Reduced to Clear – Expiry October 2022, only 5 available Active Constituents: 50g/L Piperazine Ci..

AU$10.00 Ex Tax: AU$10.00

Aristopet Allwormer 10kg (22lb)

Active Constituents: 50mg Praziquantel, 143mg Pyrantel Embonate and 542mg Oxantel Embonate..

AU$14.90 Ex Tax: AU$14.90

Aristopet Bird Wormer 125mL (4.25 floz)

Active Constituents: 50g/L Piperazine Citrate equivalent to 20g/L Piperazine For the treatment an..

AU$13.85 Ex Tax: AU$13.85

Aristopet Cat & Kitten 5kg (11lb)

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains: Pyrantel embonate - 100mg Praziquantel - 25mg Expiry: ..

AU$11.30 Ex Tax: AU$11.30

Aristopet Cat Lover Hairball Remover & Laxative 100gms (3.5 oz)

Contains: Soft White Paraffin, Malt Syrup, Liquid Paraffin, Cod Liver Oil, Caramel, Sodium Benzoate ..

AU$15.00 Ex Tax: AU$15.00

Aristopet Dog Allwormer tabs 20kg (44lb)

Active Constituents: 100mg Praziquantel, 286mg Pyrantel Embonate and 1084mg Oxantel Embona..

AU$13.15 Ex Tax: AU$13.15

Aristopet Ear Canker Drops 50mL (1.7 fl oz)

Active Constituents: 5mg/ml dichlorophen, 500ug/ml pyrethrins, 5mg/ml piperonyl butoxide Applicat..

AU$14.70 Ex Tax: AU$14.70

Aristopet Glucosamine

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 500mg Glucosamine Sulphate. Nutritional Supplement..

AU$20.70 Ex Tax: AU$20.70

Aristopet Mite & Mange Spray 125mL

Aristopet Mite and Mange Spray 125mL ( 4.25 fl oz ) is formulated to safely control Lice (order Mall..

AU$13.00 Ex Tax: AU$13.00

Aristopet No Scratch Spray

Prevent cat-astrophies with this spray that's specially formulated to discourage your cat from destr..

AU$13.10 Ex Tax: AU$13.10

Aristopet Poultry Wormer 125mL

Aristopet Poultry Wormer 125mL Active Constituents 8.48g/L Levamisole (present as Levamisole Hydr..

AU$18.60 Ex Tax: AU$18.60

Aristopet Puppy & Kitten Worm Syrup 50mL (1.7 fl oz)

Active Constituents: 100mg/mL Piperazine Citrate. Aristopet puppy and kitten worm syrup is a plea..

AU$11.00 Ex Tax: AU$11.00

Aristopet Red Colour Enhancer 50mL

Active ingredient: 15mg/ml canthaxanthin Red Colour Enhance promotes red colour in plumage of red..

AU$13.85 Ex Tax: AU$13.85

Aristopet Stop Pick Spray 125mL

Aristopet Stop Pick Spray for Caged Birds contains: Denatonium Benzoate An intensely bitter tasti..

AU$11.85 Ex Tax: AU$11.85

Aristopet Styptic Powder for Dogs & Cats

Active Constituent/s: 100mg/g alum, 100mg/g ferric subsulphate, 630mg/g zinc sulfate (as hydrat..

AU$13.35 Ex Tax: AU$13.35

Cat Lover Catnip Spray

  Encourage your cat to use a scratching post instead of the furniture!   ..

AU$11.30 Ex Tax: AU$11.30

Shear Magic Fresh Breath Spray 125mL (4.25 fl oz)

Shear Magic Fresh Breath Spray is formulated to help control bad breath in dogs. It instantly combat..

AU$14.35 Ex Tax: AU$14.35

Sulphadim antibiotic 50mL (1.7 fl oz)

Active Constituents: 70mg/mL Sulfadimidine. Broad spectrum Sulfonamide antibiotic for the treatme..

AU$10.25 Ex Tax: AU$10.25

Tear Stain Remover 125mL

While tear stains are not life-threatening, they are often unpleasant looking and result in the appe..

AU$12.20 Ex Tax: AU$12.20

Aristopet AllWormer Paste Worming For Cats And Kitten 5.12gms

Your cats and kittens needs continual protection from parasites and a regular treatment program..

AU$17.35 Ex Tax: AU$17.35

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