Ilium Oticlean nozzle 125mL

Active Constituents: Propylene glycol 40ml, Malic acids 2.25g, Benzoic acid 0.15g, Salicylic acid 0.037g.

  • This product is highly recommended and the nozzle makes it easy to apply for use in the treatment of Otitis Externa.
  • Wounds and abrasions when healing is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue.
  • Debris or wax in horses, dogs and cats ears.


  • Apply liberally to clean the wound. Repeat application 2 - 3 times daily as necessary.


  • Routine cleaning – Instill liberally into ear canal. Massage base of ear to loosen wax. Repeat as required.

Otitis Externa:

  • Follow routine cleaning directions, repeating 1 - 3 times daily for several days or as directed by a veterinarian.


Package Information 125mL
For Dogs
Active Constituents Propylene glycol 40mL, Malic acids 2.25g, Benzoic acid 0.15g, Salicylic acid 0.037g

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Ilium Oticlean nozzle 125mL

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