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Ezybone Plus Large Chews

Active constituents per chew: 460 mg Oxibendazole, 100 mg Praziquantel, 136mg IvermectinTre..

AU$73.90 Ex Tax: AU$73.90

Heartgold Plus Chews  Sml & Med SALE

Heartgold Plus Chews Sml & Med

Active Constituents: Ivermectin 136µg, Pyrantel Pamoate 114mg.Treats dogs 12-22kg (26.4-48.4lbs)..

AU$25.40 AU$20.32 Ex Tax: AU$20.32

HFT Ezybones Sml Dogs

Active Constituents: 115mg Lufenuron, 50mg Praziquantel and 72ug Ivermectin.Small..

AU$23.30 Ex Tax: AU$23.30

MultiGard Sml Dog Tabs SALE

MultiGard Sml Dog Tabs

Active Constituents: 115mg Lufenuron, 57mg Praziquantel, 68ug Ivermectin.Tre..

AU$48.60 AU$34.02 Ex Tax: AU$34.02

Valuheart Small Dogs

Active Constituents- 60ug IvermectinTreats dogs 0-22lbs (0-10kgs)Expiry: July 2021Valuh..

AU$18.00 Ex Tax: AU$18.00

VetaHeart Tabs Sml Dogs SALE

VetaHeart Tabs Sml Dogs

Active Ingredient: 68ug Ivermectin per tablet.Treats Dogs 0-24lbs (0-11kgs)Expiry: 20 Pack J..

AU$15.00 AU$10.50 Ex Tax: AU$10.50

Heartgold Plus Chews Large Dogs SALE

Heartgold Plus Chews Large Dogs

Active Constituents: Ivermectin 272µg/Pyrantel Pamoate 228mg.Treats dogs 22-44Kg (48-96.8lbs) 10..

AU$33.00 AU$26.40 Ex Tax: AU$26.40

HFT Ezybones Med Dogs

Active Constituents: 230mg Lufenuron, 114mg Praziquantel and 136ug Ivermectin.24-48.5lbs&nb..

AU$26.40 Ex Tax: AU$26.40

MultiGard Med Dog Tabs SALE

MultiGard Med Dog Tabs

Active Constituents: 230mg Lufenuron, 114mg Praziquantel, 136ug Ivermectin...

AU$51.60 AU$36.12 Ex Tax: AU$36.12

Valuheart Medium Dogs

Active Constituents- 120ug IvermectinTreats Dogs 24-44lbs (11-20kgs)Expiry: April 2021 ..

AU$19.00 Ex Tax: AU$19.00

VetaHeart Tabs Med Dogs SALE

VetaHeart Tabs Med Dogs

Active Ingredient: 136ug Ivermectin per tablet.Treats Dogs 26-49lbs (12-22kgs ) 20 tabletsEx..

AU$16.00 AU$11.20 Ex Tax: AU$11.20

Heartgold Plus Ezybones Large

Active Constituents: Ivermectin 272µg / Pyrantel Pamoate 228mg.Treats dogs: 22-44Kg (50-99lbs) ..

AU$29.50 Ex Tax: AU$29.50

Milbemax Small Dog up to 5kg

Active Constituents: 2.5mg Milbemycin oxime and 25mg PraziquantelFor Smal Dogs and Puppies ..

AU$7.40 Ex Tax: AU$7.40

MultiGard Large Dog Tabs SALE

MultiGard Large Dog Tabs

Active Constituents: 460mg Lufenuron, 228mg Praziquantel, 272 ug Ivermectin...

AU$60.30 AU$42.21 Ex Tax: AU$42.21

Revolution Toy (Purple) SALE

Revolution Toy (Purple)

Active Constituents: 120mg/mL SelamectinExpiry: 6, 12, 24 Packs October 2021Treats do..

AU$47.00 AU$47.00 Ex Tax: AU$47.00

Valuheart Large Dogs

Active Constituents- 240ug IvermectinTreats Dogs 44-88lbs (21-40kgs)Expiry: November 20..

AU$21.00 Ex Tax: AU$21.00

VetaHeart Tabs Large Dogs SALE

VetaHeart Tabs Large Dogs

Active Constituents- 272ug Ivermectin per tabletTreats Dogs 50-99lbs (23-45kgs) 100 tablets..

AU$18.30 AU$12.81 Ex Tax: AU$12.81

Heartgold Chews Sml & Med Dogs

Active Constituents: 100 meat flavoured chews contains Ivermectin 136µg for prevention of ..

AU$20.30 Ex Tax: AU$20.30

Milbemax Dog over 5kg (11lb)

Active Constituents: each tablet contains 12.5 mg Milbemycin Oxime and 125 mg Praziquantel...

AU$10.30 Ex Tax: AU$10.30

MultiGard Plus Sml

Active Constituents: each tablet contains112.5mg Oxibendazole - Intestinal worm control..

AU$55.00 Ex Tax: AU$55.00

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