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Fido's all Wormer Tablets Dogs, Cats, Kittens and Puppies

Active Constituents: Praziquantel 50mg/tablet and Fenbendazole 500mg/tablet. Application:&nb..

AU$38.25 Ex Tax: AU$38.25

Fido's Aloe Vera Shampoo 250ml (8.5 floz)

Fido's Aloe Vera shampoo is a mild, soap free shampoo suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Nat..

AU$14.20 Ex Tax: AU$14.20

Fido's Black Gloss Shampoo 250ml (8.5 floz)

COMPOSITION: Contains a unique blend of colour enhancers, glycerol, silicone. DESCRIPTION: A soap..

AU$13.70 Ex Tax: AU$13.70

Fido's Chew Stop 200mL

Active constituents: 200 mg/L Denatonium Benzoate Bitter spray to discourage undesirable chewing ..

AU$11.70 Ex Tax: AU$11.70

Fido's Closasole Wormer

Active ingredients: 41.8mg Levamisole, 1000mg Niclosamide  For the control of roundworm..

AU$15.50 Ex Tax: AU$15.50

Fido's Emu Oil Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz)

COMPOSITION: Contains Australian Emu oil, Silicone, surfactants, conditioners. DESCRIPTION: A lux..

AU$13.75 Ex Tax: AU$13.75

Fido's Every day Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz)

Fido's Everyday Shampoo is soap free and hypoallergenic. It suspends soil in the coat for easy ri..

AU$12.45 Ex Tax: AU$12.45

Fido's Flea Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz)

Active Constituents:  1g/L Pyrethrins - 10g/L Piperonyl Butoxide Controls: Fleas, lice ..

AU$13.20 Ex Tax: AU$13.20

Fido's Fresh Coat Spray 125mL ( 4.25 floz)

Fido's Fresh Coat Spray is a cologne coat conditioner and deoderant spray for dogs, cats and other f..

AU$14.00 Ex Tax: AU$14.00

Fido's Fresh Everyday Spritzer 125mL

Fido's NEW sprintzer sprays are a great way to refresh your pets coat in between washes. Availa..

AU$12.80 Ex Tax: AU$12.80

Fido's Fresh Spritzer Spray Puppy & Kitten 125mL

Fido's Fresh Spritzer Spray Puppy & Kitten is a cologne coat conditioner, de-tangler and deodora..

AU$13.10 Ex Tax: AU$13.10

Fido's Gentle and Mild Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz) Out Of Stock

Fido's Gentle and Mild Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz)

Fido’s gentle and mild shampoo is suitable for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats with soothing camomil..

AU$14.00 Ex Tax: AU$14.00

Fido's Herbal Shampoo for Dogs & Cats 250mL (8.5 floz)

Fido's Herbal Shampoo contains a selection of herbal fragrances and oils including tea tree oil, alo..

AU$14.00 Ex Tax: AU$14.00

Fido's Natural Shampoo For Dogs & Cats 250mL

Leaves the coat looking, smelling and feeling great, suitable for all cats and dogs Recommended f..

AU$14.20 Ex Tax: AU$14.20

Fido's Oatmeal Conditioner 250mL

Fido's Oatmeal & Baking Soda Conditioner is the perfect partner for the shampoo also containing ..

AU$17.70 Ex Tax: AU$17.70

Fido's Puppy & Kitten Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz)

Fido's puppy and kitten shampoo is especially formulated for use on puppies, kittens and small domes..

AU$12.65 Ex Tax: AU$12.65

Fido's Pyrethrin Shampoo 250mL

Active Constituents: 1g/L Pyrethrins, 10g/L Piperonyl Butoxide Fido's Pyrethrin Shampoo cont..

AU$15.50 Ex Tax: AU$15.50

Fido's Tear Stain Remover 125mL

Fido's Tear Stain Remover has been formulated to remove tear stains and saliva stains from the fur o..

AU$14.10 Ex Tax: AU$14.10

Fido's White and Bright Fresh Spritzer 125mL

Fido's NEW spritzer sprays are a great way to refresh your pets coat in between washes. This pr..

AU$11.50 Ex Tax: AU$11.50

Fido's White and Bright Shampoo 250mL (8.5 floz)

COMPOSITION: Ingredients include optical brighteners, essential oil extracts (orange and grapefruit)..

AU$13.50 Ex Tax: AU$13.50

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