Austrazole Fungicidal Wash 100mls for Dogs

Active Constituents: Enilconazole 100mg/ml

For the treatment of Malassezia, an extremely common yeast found on almost every dog.

  • Affected animals present with an offensive odor, referred to as yeasty or rancid.
  • The skin affected becomes red, inflamed and itchy.
  • Austrazole contains a synthetic broad spectrum antimycotic with significant action against common dermatophytes, fungi, yeasts and malassezia.
  • Austrazole is a leave on emulsion – apply and let dry.
  • Dermatophytosis are exposed to treatment for significantly longer periods than shampooing, resulting in a faster resolution of infection.
  • Austrazole prevents the spread of infection to other animals and can be used to treat bedding, collars and other items used by the dog that may habour fungal spores.
  • May be applied with a sponge, cloth, spray bottle, as a foot bath, or left on skin to dry.


  • Mix with luke warm tap water 20ml (.676 floz) per 1l (33.814 floz) of water.
  • Twice weekly at 3-4 day intervals for 4 weeks. 


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Austrazole Fungicidal Wash 100mls for Dogs

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