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Cat Toys

Cats are great. Cats can seem so deep and wise, or too aloof to give you, their owner, the time of day - but then they just love to chase a little toy around the living room floor.

No matter how young or old your cat may be, you can always know that whether it is a great new cat toy, chasing a piece of string, or ripping up your brand new couch, cats love to play.

Cat play toy with catnip by Kra-mar

Pets Megastore stocks a great range of toys to entertain you and your cat - from Fluffy Rats, to Cat Balls, to moving lasers, we have the toys that will give you both hours of fun.

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Cat play toy with catnip by Kra-mar

Cats love to pounce! Cat toys on wands or sticks are great way for owners to play with their cats. Furry cat toys or feathers on the end of a wand can be waved in front of your cat for them to try to catch. They can also be upright on springs for your cat to swat.

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Frolicat Bolt moving laser

Frolicat Bolt moving laser!

Bolt Moving Laser! A true gadget for cats. The laser light reflects in random patterns on the ground by a built in moving mirror. It stimulates the hunting instinct of your cat, who will try to catch the light-dot.

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