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Cat Supplies

At Pets Megastore Pet Supplies we have a special fondness for cats.

Cats are strange and mysterious creatures - they can be alternately loving and aloof, quiet or playful - the only thing you know is that your cat will always be there for a cuddle when you need them.

We provide you with a large range of cat supplies for cat health, skin care, eye and ear care, cat grooming and a range of solutions to cat fleas. Our cat health supplies and grooming products are designed to take care of the day to day maintenance necessary to ensure the heath and happiness of your cat or kitten.

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Advantage Flea Control for Cats

Advantage for Large Cat 4-9kg (8.8-19.8lbs) 4 monthsAdvantage Flea Control for Cats is the fastest topical solution available, proven to stop fleas from biting your beloved cat in 3 - 5 minutes after application. Advantage Cat kills 98-100 percent of cat fleas within 12 hours of initial application. In addition, one convenient treatment lasts for up to one month.

Advantage can be used on your cat no matter what its size. Advantage comes in two sizes for your kitten or cat based on weight, Advantage for Kittens & Cats up to 4kg (8.8lbs) and Advantage for Large Cat 4-9kg (8.8-19.8lbs).

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