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Heartgard Plus for Heartworm

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Transmitted to dogs through mosquitoes, heartworms are a nationally-recognized threat to both adult dogs and puppies - fortunately, heartworm disease is 100% preventable.

Without the protection of a heartworm preventive, your pet could develop heartworm disease - a potentially deadly illness. Once a dog is infected with heartworms, treatment can be difficult and expensive.

The difficulty and risks involved make prevention a far better policy, and Heartgard Plus is the #1 choice for heartworm prevention.

heartgard plus for dogsWith Ivermectin and Pyrantel, Heartgard Plus is the best protection against not only heartworms, but also roundworms and hookworms.

In addition to the threat of heartworms, your puppy or dog is also at risk for hookworms and roundworms - intestinal parasites that can cause dangerous diseases in pets and people.

When used as directed, this heartworm medication is 100% effective in preventing heartworm disease in dogs and puppies as young as 6 weeks old, as well as treating and controlling hookworms and roundworms.

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