Squirt Spray and Shine 125mL (4.25 fl oz)

Squirt Spray & Shine (coconut) smooths fly-away hair and adds a soft velvety feel to the skin and coat.

Its the finishing touch that will leave your dog's hair looking as good, or better, than your own.

Squirt for dogs is exactly the stuff you and your pooch have been looking for.

Squirt is a brand new range of specially formulated grooming stuff for dogs.

While we may often treat our dogs like humans, understand that they are different to us in many ways and they need different stuff to humans.

A dog's skin is more sensitive than ours and the hair on their bodies is, in fact, different.

Human hair has a pH level of 4.5 to 5.5, but a dog's skin and coat has a much higher pH level of 7.

The shampoo you use on yourself is NOT suitable for your dog  your dog finds it irritating.

Why do you think dogs roll in the dirt the second you've finished washing them?

The Squirt range of stuff for dogs is suitable to be used with tick and flea treatments, including those applied to the back of your dog's neck.

Imagine your dog smelling pretty and looking fantastic with Squirt we know they will thank you for it.

Available in 125ml


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Squirt Spray and Shine 125mL (4.25 fl oz)

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