Falcon Protocide Tablets 30 Pack

Active Constituents: per tablet: 25mg Ronidazole, 25mg Secnidazole

Falcons are commonly infected with Trichomonas protozoa (frounce) from pigeons.Frounce affects your Falcons health, hampers their ability to hunt efficently and also cause nasty abcesses to form. Frounce is caused by a parasite carried by all Pigeons, so transmission to your valuable Falcons is almost certain. Falcon Protocide is the only double action treatment that effectively cures Frounce with the administration of just one tablet.

Protocide tablets are a single dose treatment for intestinal tract protozoal infections in Falcons. Ronidazole and Secnidazole are the combined to create a rapid onset, long lasting treatment.

Frounce has been notoriously hard to treat.... until now. Protocide is the only choice for the fast, effective and safe elimination of Frounce- don't risk your Falcons health or hunting ability with anything else.

The Protocide formulation is very safe, so can be given as a prophylactic or early stage treatment on a regular basis. Early stage Trichomonads are readily eradicated with Protocide. Birds with late stage, large abscess form of the disease will require additional veterinary attention.

Recommended for: Protocide is ideal for treating all internal protozoal infections including Frounce, Hexamita and Giardia.Protocide does not treat blood protozoa such as Malaria or Haemoproteus.

Directions: Give one tablet per kg of body weight once. In severe cases, treatment maybe repeated in 5-7 days.

Active Constituents25mg Ronidazole, 25mg Secnidazole per tablet

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Falcon Protocide Tablets 30 Pack

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