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Canimax for Dogs up to 11lb (5kg)

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 0.05mg Abamectin, 25mg Praziquantel and 112.5mg Oxibe..

AU$27.80 Ex Tax: AU$27.80

Canimax for Dogs 11-22lb (5-10kg)

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 0.1 mg Abamectin, 50 mg Praziquantel, 225 mg Oxibenda..

AU$30.45 Ex Tax: AU$30.45

Canimax for Dogs 22-44lb (10-20kg)

Active Constituents: Each tablet contains 0.2 mg Abamectin, 100 mg Praziquantel, 450 mg Oxibend..

AU$35.20 Ex Tax: AU$35.20

Canimax is a liver flavoured palatable all wormer for the control of heartworm and ALL intestinal worms in dogs. The packs contain 4 tablets, one is given every 6 weeks

Very popular in the U.S !

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