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MultiGard Sml Dog Tabs SALE

MultiGard Sml Dog Tabs

Active Constituents: 115mg Lufenuron, 57mg Praziquantel, 68ug Ivermectin.Tre..

AU$48.60 AU$34.02 Ex Tax: AU$34.02

MultiGard Med Dog Tabs SALE

MultiGard Med Dog Tabs

Active Constituents: 230mg Lufenuron, 114mg Praziquantel, 136ug Ivermectin...

AU$51.60 AU$36.12 Ex Tax: AU$36.12

MultiGard Large Dog Tabs SALE

MultiGard Large Dog Tabs

Active Constituents: 460mg Lufenuron, 228mg Praziquantel, 272 ug Ivermectin...

AU$60.30 AU$42.21 Ex Tax: AU$42.21

MultiGard by Vetafarm for the treatment and control of fleas, heartworm and tapeworm in dogs.

MultiGard contains the same flea and intestinal worm constituents as leading brands.

Active Constituents: Lufenuron, Praziquantel & Ivermectin.

Administer monthly in food or immediately after feeding.

SAFETY: If your dog has not been on heartworm prevention, please see your veterinarian before using this product.

Use only as per label directions. MultiGard also contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to sterilise biting Fleas.

** Multigard is not available to Australian Residents **

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