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Aristopet Spot On

Aristopet Spot On

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Aristopet Flea & Worm Spot On Kitten up to 4kg 6 Pack

Aristopet Flea Heartworm & Worms Kitten up to 4kg (8.8lb)Active Constituents: 100g/L Imidacl..

AU$55.00 Ex Tax: AU$55.00

Aristopet Flea & Worm Spot On Cats over 4kg 6 Pack

Aristopet Flea Heartworm & Worms for Cats over 4kg (8.8lb)Active Constituents: 100g/L Imidac..

AU$57.00 Ex Tax: AU$57.00

Aristopet Spot On for Fleas, Heartworm and Worms

Trusted and proven active constituents of Imidacloprid and Moxidectin

Prevents: Fleas, Flea Larvae, Heartworm, Intestinal Worms, Intestinal Worm Larvae, Ear mites

Stops fleas feeding in 3-5minutes

Prevents Heartworm and controls intestinal worms and larvae

Convenient and easy to apply topical application

Water resistant formulation

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