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Pigeon Medications

Pigeon Medications

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**Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons 25gm (0.875 oz) SALE

**Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons 25gm (0.875 oz)

Discontinued Size – Ronivet 4 Pigeons 25gm has been discontinued – Only 9 Available Expiry December ..

AU$19.90 AU$13.00 Ex Tax: AU$13.00

Doxyvet-P Antibiotic 100 Tablet Pack

Doxyvet-P antibiotic tablets for pigeons.Active Constituents: 25mg Doxycycline Hydrochloride per..

AU$29.90 Ex Tax: AU$29.90

Pigeon Respire 50 tabs

Active Constituents: 15mg Doxycycline, 1 mg BromexidinePigeon Respire Tablets - Treats and preve..

AU$27.90 Ex Tax: AU$27.90

Pigeon Spectovet Antibiotic 100 Tablets

Active Constituents: 18mg Spectinomycin, 9mg LincomycinPigeon Spectovet Tablets - Antibiotic..

AU$32.50 Ex Tax: AU$32.50

Pigeon Trizole Tablets

Active Constituents: per tablet - 25mg Ronidazole, 25mg Secnidazole, 5mg DiclazurilAntiprotozoal..

AU$31.00 Ex Tax: AU$31.00

Pigeon Vetabolic Tablets

Active Constituents: 0.25mg Mesterolone, 0.03mg EthyloestrenolPigeon Vetabolic Tablets - Anaboli..

AU$41.00 Ex Tax: AU$41.00

Ronivet - 4 - Pigeons

Active Constituents: 120mg/g RonidazoleRonivet 4 Pigeons is a water soluble treatment of canker ..

AU$35.00 Ex Tax: AU$35.00

Tonys Treasure Tablets

Active Ingredients: Antibiotics, Antiprotozoals and AnticoccidialsTonys Treasure Tablets are a m..

AU$29.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.00

MoxiVet Plus

Active Constituents: 18mg/mL Praziquantel, 1mg/mL MoxidectinKEY FEATURES:Internal and ext..

AU$20.50 Ex Tax: AU$20.50

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