Out Of Stock Biolac Pink For Kittens 500g

The nutritional requirements of kittens / cats are quite unique and it is not possible to produce the perfect milk for kittens / cats, however BIOLAC has made considerable progress in producing a highly suitable substitute milk. This new milk product has been produced with the support of credible research information incorporating evaluated levels of specific proteins and minerals, particularly taurine and arginine, milk fats and carbohydrates required for healthy growth. BIOLAC is a most suitable milk supplement, either by reconstituting to milk at 170 grams to produce 1 litre or simply spread over mix into food. Pregnant queens require much more energy dense food. BIOLAC is beneficial for old or debilitated cats. BIOLAC kitten milk contains elevated levels of the important proteins required by kittens.

Active ConstituentsMilk Powders, Vitamins and Minerals

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Biolac Pink For Kittens 500g

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