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Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

US$51.42 [AU$64.80]

Avi Care Concentrate 500ml (17 floz)

US$31.35 [AU$39.50]

Avi Care Concentrate 500ml (17 floz)

Active Constituents: 50g/L Benzalkonium Chloride, 25g/L Sulfamic Acid


BIRDS: Cages, perches and bird toys should be cleaned and disinfected daily.

Hand rearing equipment, preparation areas must be disinfected after each feeding using 1:100 dilution of avi care.

Wash, disinfect and rinse feeding equipment.

Apply Avi Care liberally to preparation areas and allow to dry naturally.

Brooders, incubators and nest boxes require a 1:50 dilution.

Remove any waste matter and spray liberally with Avi Care - leave to dry naturally.

DOGS & CATS: Disinfect food and water containers on a daily basis by washing and rinsing.

Use a 1:100 dilution.

Toys, leads, collars and bedding are disinfected by immersing in a 1:100 solution of Avi Care and and allow to dry naturally.

Avi Care should be used (1:100) in washing water for cleaning dogs pens or cat runs.

To boost the hygiene of cat litter trays wash daily in a 1:50 dilution of Avi Care.

Add Avi Care to the bath water for dogs at 5mL per litre for extra hygiene and a fresh smelling coat.

Rodents: The housing of mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs should be cleaned and disinfected weekly.

Remove all waste material, wash and then spray liberally with avi care (1:100).

Allow to dry naturally.

Food and water containers should be washed, disinfected and rinsed daily.

If necessary wash animals in a 1:200 dilution (5mls/L) to remove odours.

REPTILES: Tanks and cages must be disinfected for the protection of the reptile and and its keeper.

Use a 1:100 dilution of Avi Care on a weekly basis.

Remove waste material and spray area liberally with Avi Care.

Allow to dry naturally.

Water containers should be cleaned and disinfected at the same time as the cage.

Wash, disinfect and rinse containers.

Horses: Cleaning of equipment such as rugs, brushers, combs, clippers, leads, headstalls, dental equipment and bridles, use a 1:50 dilution.

Wash in Avi Care and allow to dry naturally.

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