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Have only been using Rose Hip Vital Canine for 1 month and can already see a vast difference in the

- Christine Tonkin

Featured Products

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

US$50.71 [AU$64.80]

Pigeon Wormout Plus Tablets 50's

US$18.00 [AU$23.00]

Pigeon Wormout Plus Tablets 50\'s

Not Available to Australian Customers

Pigeon Wormout Plus Tablets 50's - All Wormer and Coccidiostat for Pigeons

Active Constituents: 5mg Praziquantel, 5mg Oxfendazole, 0.5mg Diclazuril

Indications: Contains rapidly acting, potent ingredients to give a complete kill of intestinal worms ( roundworm, hairworm, caecal worm and tapeworm ) and coccidia.

Directions: Give one tablet daily for 2 days. Treat all young birds as they are moved to the young bird loft. Treat all breeders before the breeding season. Treat all race birds before the racing season. Treat all new birds before addition to the loft. Re-treat birds once every 3 months.

It is not advised to treat pigeons feeding young or during moult.

Pigeons often suffer internal parasites including worms and coccidia. Wormout Plus will quickly and safely treat these infections by oral dosing. No fasting necessary with this safe effective  formula.