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Ringworm Treatments

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Ringworm, also known as dermatophytosis, may sound like a worm or parasite but it is actually a fungus which lives on keratin found in skin, hair and nails of your dog, cat or other pets. Symptoms of Ringworm are the loss of hair in circular patterns, hair loss in irregular patterns, scaly skin, redness or itchiness and deformed nails and claws.

Ring Worm is spread to cats, dogs and horses through contact with another infected animal or through contact with the actual fungal spores called arthrospores. These spores then scatter throughout the environment, and can be found in carpeting, furniture and bedding.

The spores are also very resistant and can live in the environment for up to 18 months. This is why treatment for ringworm must also include a thorough cleaning regimen to rid the environment of any spores that could reinfect your animal. The use of ringworm fighting disinfectant is recommended.


Ilium Fungafite Cream 50gm (1.75 oz)
Fungafite is used for the treatment of Miconazole sensitive fungal skin infections in dogs, cats and horses - eg: ringworm infection due to Microsporum and Trichophyton, greasy heel, dermatitis and saddle rash caused by fungi and sensitive bacteria in horses.

Buy Ilium Fungafite Cream 50gm (1.75 oz)

Fungazol Ringworm Ointment
Fungazol Ringworm Treatment 100g net. Excellent topical anti-fungal agent. For the treatment of ringworm in Dogs, Cats and Horses. Fast action. Also treats myotopic skin infections.

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Triocil Shampoo 250ml
Triocil is a high quality antiseptic wash for the relief of various skin irritations of animals. Simply wet the animals coat with water and apply Triocil as per the directions. Routine use will not only ensure a soft lustrous coat but prevent skin irritations. Hexetidine (the active constituent of Triocil) has antibacterial and antiprotozoal actions.

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GO TO Ilium Fungafite Cream 50gm (1.75 oz)

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GO TO Triocil Shampoo 250ml