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Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

US$51.42 [AU$64.80]

Fido's Closasole Wormer 10 tabs

US$9.13 [AU$11.50]

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Fido\'s Closasole Wormer 10 tabs

Active ingredients: 41.8mg Levamisole, 1000mg Niclosamide 

For the control of roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm. (Not Hydatids Tapeworm) 10 Tablets

1 tablet treats 22lbs (10kg) of bodyweight and should be administered every 3 months.

  • Fido's Closasole Wormer tablets are suitable for cats and dogs.
  • An economical and broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats
  • Controls important roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm (including the flea tape worm Dipylidium Caninum)
  • No fasting is required prior to treatment
  • One tablet treats 10kg body weight
  • Use every three months for consistent worm control
  • Can be used in puppies and kittens from 6 weeks of ageUse in combination with praziquantel wormer where hydatid tapeworm is an issue

Precaution: Levamisole can cause a positive swab result in greyhounds. Check with your veterinarian before using on racing greyhounds.

Presentations: 10 and 100 Tablets

An economical and broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats

Directions of Use:

  • The tablets can be given orally, or crushed into your dog or cat's dinner.
  • Fido's Closasole Wormer is manufactured by Mavlab.
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Fido's Closasole Wormer 100 tabs
Fido's Closasole Wormer 100 tabs

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