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Featured Products

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

US$51.49 [AU$64.80]

D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheremone Diffuser & Refill for 240 volts

US$53.08 [AU$66.80]

D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheremone Diffuser & Refill for 240 volts

DAP reduces or prevents stress related behavior. 

How is D.A.P. used?
D.A.P. is an easy-to-use "plug-in" diffuser that consists of an electrical plug-in unit and disposable (30-day) bottle that will deliver the pheromone 24 hours a day. It continuously releases the active ingredient into the dog's environment and allows trouble-free treatment in a 650-square-foot area for approximately four weeks.

How can D.A.P. calm dogs in stressful situations?
Pheromones are picked up and detected by an animal's sense of smell producing specific responses. By replicating this signal of comfort, D.A.P. helps alleviate fear and stress related signs in the puppy and adult dog.

How long should D.A.P. be used?
To address behavior caused by temporary events, plug the diffuser in for 30 days. Each vial attached to a diffuser lasts approximately four weeks. Repeat as necessary.

How well does D.A.P work?
In clinical trials with D.A.P destructive behavior and vocalization (excessive barking and whining) were improved or resolved by 72 percent and 85 percent respectively. (Clinical trials were conducted by Ceva Sante Animale between November 1999 and November 2000, and were under the specific direction of Dr. Patrick Pageat.)

Does D.A.P. have any effect on cats?
D.A.P is a chemical copy of the canine appeasing pheromones in lactating females. The pheromones are species-specific and should not have any effect on cats. The product has not been tested on cats.

What does it smell like?
D.A.P. has no smell and is odorless to humans when dry.

Is it a sedative?
No, D.A.P. is a solution that helps calm and reassure puppies and adult dogs.

Should any precautions be taken with pets and children?
Proper product use will not harm children, adults or pets. Plug diffusers into electric sockets in an open area most frequented by the dog. Do not place behind furniture.

Made for Australian power points. International customers will need a converter to use this product.

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