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Featured Products

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

Revolution Cat (Blue) 6 Pack

US$50.71 [AU$64.80]

Calcivet 50ml ( 1.7 floz )

US$10.88 [AU$13.90]

Calcivet 50ml ( 1.7 floz )

Contains Calcium, Vitamin D3

Guaranteed Analysis:
Calcium (Ca++) as Calcium borogluconate 33g/L
Vitamin D3 25000i.u/L

Available Sizes:
50mL, 250mL

Mix 20mL in each litre of drinking water or pour 5mL over a cup of soaked seed. Individual bird dose is 0.2mL per 100g body weight.

Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement for birds. Calcivet is also suitable for small animals. It is in a palatable syrup that can be diluted in drinking water or administered directly to the bird.When used as directed Calcivet will not only supply Calcium but will supplement the birds Vitamin D levels and will boost magnesium intake. These three elements are necessary for the production of egg shells and strong bones.Calcivet can be used in egg bound birds to aid in the expulsion of the egg and in cases of soft shelled eggs to deliver calcium to the shell glad. Calcivet should be administered to breeding birds for approximately one month prior to egg laying and through the chick rearing period. Calcivet can be used with Aviclens, Soluvet, Coccivet but not Psittavet.

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Calcivet 100ml
Calcivet 100ml

US$16.36 [AU$20.90]

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Calcivet 1L
Calcivet 1L

US$55.95 [AU$71.50]

Calcivet 250ml ( 8.4 floz )
Calcivet 250ml ( 8.4 floz )

US$22.69 [AU$29.00]

TEXT_BUYCalcivet 250ml ( 8.4 floz )TEXT_NOW